I am Shamar Covenant, and I am trying to squeeze in writing while working full time and providing not only food and shelter for my family, but love and affection. It is a difficult balance, but I have not been able to break this writing habit, so here I am.

If you want to know where the name Shamar Covenant comes from, check out the ABOUT THE BLOGGER link above.

I will try to post a new content on my BLOG once a month, God willing, while working on my next book. I am always working on a few projects at the same time, short stories and scripts and book ideas, so I cannot say what will come next. If you are curious about my first book, published under a different name, you can click here. Otherwise, enjoy the blog and pray I have time to publish again!

I used to want to be encouraging, but I found that I failed to tell people the truths they need to hear. Now I focus on the harder truths I have had to adjust to myself. I hope you find my writing challenging and truthful. Blessings!

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