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Shamar Covenant is my pen name, and the purpose of this blog is simply to have an outlet for writing. I do this after work and family, so my time is short, and thus the brevity of blog posts provides a way to keep writing and publishing until there is time for longer works. Also, this is a way to share my faith and what I am studying in the Word.

I also tweet using hashtag #TheRiverDiscipleship. The church I am a part of is The River, and those posts come from what our pastor shares, sometimes paraphrased. Our church is a discipleship group that does not resemble a traditional church. Our weekly meetings are like leadership meetings and are not open to the public, though we hope to have public classes soon. The classes would focus on raising up church leaders through discipleship.

The reason we are closed to the public is that we are looking for those who are sincere and earnest in their faith. This is not something we are able to create in people, but when it is there, we can facilitate growth in Christ-likeness. We do not want to convince people to follow God. There are churches that are “seeker friendly” that attempt to do this.

Among those who identify as Christian, there is too much lukewarmness and compromise and worldliness (I walked in this manner for ten years), too many strange and unBiblical teaching, and too little genuine Christ-seeking. Jesus told us to count the cost of following him in Luke 14:26-34, and we want to be surrounded by those who count the cost and choose to be all in.

I am still struggling over what any public presence for us means. We are not trying to advertise to the public, rather we want to grow by word of mouth. We do not even have a website! However, I have a twitter account and a blog and I like to write, so for me this is a representation of who I am. When I post for #TheRiverDiscipleship, I hope I represent Christ and our group well, and maybe even inspire some new thinking about Christianity in others.

I previously published a book under a different name. Back then, I wanted to be a source of encouragement to others. But as I realized how much compromise was in my own Christian walk, I also realized that I was failing to tell people the truths they needed to hear. Today, I focus on the harder truths that I myself am adjusting to, without compromising to make the message easier to hear. I hope you find my writing challenging and truthful. Blessings!

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